About us
Warrington Bereavement Support is a voluntary organisation operating in the town since 1988. It was set up as a charity and is validated by the Charities Commission.

The service was primarily set up to support and counsel people who live in the Warrington area who are having difficulties with the natural grieving process. Volunteers have always offered their services and are trained in counselling and listening skills by the WBS Service and provide a valuable support to people in distress.

The Objects as set out in the constitution remain unchanged:

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"The objects of the Service shall be the promotion for the benefit of the public of any charitable purpose directed to alleviating those who have lost, through death, a relative or friend, and in particular the protection and promotion of good health, both mental and physical, the relief of poverty and sickness and advancement in education in matters relating to the nature of grieving and bereavement." (Revised Constitution Document 2004)

Warrington Bereavement Support, through its bereavement support volunteers, has built an extensive range of services that are confidential and free to the bereaved person. These are based on the foundation of over 17 years' real understanding of the experiences of loss and grief.

Every minute of every day in the UK someone dies, and at any one time several million people are suffering the effects of grief and loss after the death of someone they love. Bereavement happens to us all and is one of the most distressing experiences we are ever likely to face.

How does Warrington Bereavement Support respond to the needs of the people it supports?
The service is constantly developing its strategy for services for people who have been bereaved. This is achieved by audit and reflection on what we have achieved and can achieve in the future.

To sum up, the Warrington Bereavement Support service is:

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • For adults (over 18)
  • For the Warrington area
  • Based in the client's home (usually)
  • We are not allowed to visit clients homes or meet in a public place.during Covid 19